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Islam is not about being physically visible. As Muslims living in the West, we need to have an intellectual and spiritual visibility. This is not about political activism; many of us are agitated, they are not activists. There is no vision, no center, no spiritual axes that we need. Being intellectually contributing to the future of our society is the very meaning of “La illaha il Allah.” It is where true freedom starts.

At the end of the day, it is about being human beings, it is about following the footsteps of the Prophet ﷺ: being with Allah, serving Him, and doing the best for the people living in our country, be it the oppressed, the marginalised, women, or our own children.



Tariq Ramadan

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Have you ever looked at someone’s tumblr and realized that you guys could be bestfriends? I have like 5 tumblr bestfriends and they have no idea

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Singing and music is a sin ?

Singing and music are a sin, regarded as intoxicants of the mind and unnecessary


We never need to prove our sincerity to others. When our actions are for His sake, He makes it known to others without us even trying.

Ya Allah my heart will bleed in Awe of you.


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you don’t realise how much tumblr has changed your view on things until you spend time with friends who don’t have tumblr and they say something and you’re just like


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There are days when you dont feel like praying. When your soul feels dark and your heart feels down. Those are the days when you need to pray. Those are the days when you need it most. And if you find the strength to bow before your Lord in those days, you have defeated a big part of your nafs and taken a huge step towards your Lord. So pray no matter what. Lead your heart to prayer and one day your heart will lead you to prayer.

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"د تورو جنګ وای مابه وکړی
د نصیب جنګ دی وارخطا ولاړه یمه"


If it was a battle of swords, I would’ve fought it
But it’s a battle of fate and so I am awaiting anxiously. 

- Pashto Landay (Landays are couplets written by anonymous authors about love, defeat, treason, patriotism and other topics. They are passed on through hearsay and in literature and music.)

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Anon has officially started doxing. They are doxing Ferguson’s police Chief John Belmar and his family. They HAVE ALSO POSTED HIS ADDRESS ONLINE AS WELL.

With the protest going on in Ferguson plus the help of Anon, this is history in the making.

In case you can’t see the confederate flag in that screenshot…

Anonymous don’t play

Yeah have ya’ll read their official statement?

Greetings world, we are Anonymous.

On August 9th in Ferguson, Missouri the 17 year old and unarmed Mike Brown was shot several times and killed by an officer of the Ferguson Police Department. His body was left to lie in a pool of blood in the sweltering heat for hours while 15 police departments militarized the area against protesters, sealed the roads leading to Ferguson in a vain attempt to prevent protesters from reaching the city. The police has clearly crossed a line in the sand.

For this reason Anonymous will not be satisfied this time, as we have in the past – with simply obtaining justice for this young man and his family. Anonymous demands that the Congressional Representatives and Senators from Missouri introduce legislation entitled “Mike Brown’s Law” that will set strict national standards for police conduct and misbehaviour in the USA.

To the good people of Ferguson, take heart – and take your streets. You are not alone, we will support you in every way possible. Occupy every square inch of your city. Demand justice, staying silent today could result in the death of your kid tomorrow.

To the Ferguson Police Department and any other jurisdictions who are deployed to the protests: we are watching you very closely. If you abuse, harass – or harm in any way the protesters in Ferguson we will take every web based asset of your departments and governments off line. That is not a threat, it is a promise. Attacking the protesters will result in the release of personal information on every single member of the Ferguson Police Department, as well as any other jurisdiction that participates in the abuse of this States own law. We will seize all your databases and E-Mail spools and dump them on the Internet. This is your first and last warning.

The time has come for more than simple justice for these atrocities. The time has come to draw a line in the sand. The time has come to bring those to justice, who served to protect us, not kill us.

Until justice prevails, hack and protest will replace it.

Operation Ferguson engaged.

We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We do Not Forgive.
We do Not Forget.
Ferguson, Expect us.”


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An Infinite List of Beautiful Collections -  Zuhair Murad Pre-Fall 2014 (part 2)

I love the green ones and the short gold dress.  Zuhair Murad is really good at glam.  Though I’m never sure about an underdress that shows much shorter through the overdress; it’s like you couldn’t be bothered to finish it.

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A muslim girl when her parents tell her she shops a lot.

"Your mother did not raise you with a wolf in your chest so you could howl over losing a man."

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"We were engaged for six months, but her parents made her marry a richer man." "What’s the last thing you said to her?""I told her: ‘I’ve done all that I can do. I wish you happiness in your life.’"(Petra, Jordan)


Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said:

No one has to blindly follow any particular man in all that he enjoins or forbids or recommends, apart from the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

The Muslims should always refer their questions to the Muslim scholars,…